Product Care


You are a proud owner of a House of BIO fashion piece. At House of BIO our aim is to meld elegance with purpose and to put in your hands a product that gives you luxurious pleasure. To this end we put in a lot in terms of the finest materials, intense quality sifting processes, thorough and  gentle finishes. Crystals are singled out with acute keenness. We ardently pick the nicest hues, tints and shades to fill up those meticulous designs.

House of BIO products adheres to high benchmarks and crystals are artfully set. So like any objects of desire that need to be nurtured, House of BIO items too need to be zealously cared for. Some wear and tear is inevitable but the right care will ensure longevity of the article.

So here is an easy list of dos and don’ts to help care for, clean and make your prized possession retain its sparkle and look fresh and good for a long period of time


  • Always preserve your bags / accessories in the original dust bag or a nude or white coloured soft or velvet pouch. Preferably store in an air-tight box so that the same item is not damaged
  • Store away from heat in a cool dry place. Keep away from harsh sunlight or extreme temperatures


  • Polish your bags / accessories with a soft cloth on a regular basis to retain its lustre.
  • Use only soft surfaces to clean your crystal bags / accessories. A soft, lint free cloth will eliminate any chances of scratches. Firm cotton pads will be good. But avoid loose cotton balls since fine ravelings and short fibres strands can get entangled
  • It is a good practice to occasionally clean the clutch and accessories with a soft cloth. A little maintenance will keep your clutch looking new and fresh for a longer period.
  • Avoid any harsh cleaners


  • Avoid any contact with water. Water can damage the overlay glaze. Please remove accessories before washing hands or swimming.  Should you spill water or any liquid, pat dry immediately with soft cloth or tissue
  • Avoid any contact with perfumes, hair sprays, make-up, body creams and lotions and oils
  • Avoid any hard contact, like knocking against objects or dropping, that can scratch or chip the crystals